Alloy website review

Alloy is a teen clothing company. Each season’s catalog is free for subscribers and previous purchasers. The company offers reasonably priced clothing including jeans, dresses, tops, shoes and accessories. Products are similar to Delias and Charlotte Russe but instead only online or by mail. Along with the catalog, the website includes editorial content similar to an online magazine. Content ranges from blogs, gossip, guys and quizzes.

The blog section includes opinion and limited facts. Some health posts had tips but offered no sources to back up the claims. However, they used bulleted lists appropriately with bolded lead-ins to improve scanning. They also have helpful reviews over TV shows and books that their audience would find interesting.

The writing style reflects the audience, teen girls, and keeps it simple and fun. The headlines prove this as they are cute and clever rather than concise and to the point. These headlines do not provide easy navigation if a reader is looking for specific information as they are not context free.

Based on the layout and writing style, the website is built for browsing in spare time for fun, not for specific information. The writing is short and not thought-provoking. However, it works for the website and its audience. It could be improved with links to other parts of the site to increase browsing and simplify navigation. There are no in-text links but only links to other similar articles at the end.

Overall, the website is set up for visual attractiveness and short attention spans. The site would be ineffective as informational but works well for its teenage audience.


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