Lady Create-a-lot blog review

Lady Create-a-lot is a blog mainly for women looking for crafts. She has a background in design and creativity. She uses the blog to show her ideas, how she makes crafts, and how to make things in a low-cost way. The blog is informal with pictures to demonstrate her projects. In her 57 posts, she tagged projects ranging from house renovation to recipes.

She uses concise writing to save characters. She uses most of the space in each post for pictures. She uses first person, which is normal for blogs. The writing is short blurbs between pictures for easy scanning. Labels along the side panel also provide easy scanning and navigation for readers looking for specific information.

Page titles are specific explaining exactly which craft the reader will find. Each page title begins with the blog name then includes the post title. She uses key words with labels on the side panel and in each post with what potential readers might search. Post titles, or headlines, are cute to create interest and specific. Headlines are also context free. They could be improved by leading with the most important words.

None of the posts include a deck. The blog also doesn’t have subheadings because the posts are too short. She uses lists effectively for short information. Links are not included in the body copy but are at the end of each post so readers can go to similar posts. Each link is marked by a label rather than “click here,” which provides no important information. She does not use AP style but her style fits the audience. She uses unnecessary adjectives but it helps to create interest in her subject.

Overall, Lady Create-a-lot uses her blog for writing about crafts in way readers find interesting and entertaining. Her concerns are conciseness and understanding. She meets those goals well through her writing.


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