Style Sample Magazine media kit review

The media kit is in PDF format. The first page is a large graphic displaying the fashion and style the magazine represents. It contains the logo and the description of what the reader will find, a media kit. It is simple but efficient at conveying the message.

The second page starts with an important quote. It is in a different font that is more elaborate to draw attention. After the quote follows images of sample magazine pages. The images serve to create interest in the magazine and its media kit. The next section starts the relevant information.

Each section has a large bolder title for easy scanning. The first section is About. The writing is concise but entertaining. It serves to inform the potential journalist why they should be interested in the magazine. Adjectives are used sparingly and the writing style captures the reader to continue.

The next section is Audience. It has short descriptions with bolded subtitles for quick scanning. The writing is short and to the point. The next section is Readership and follows the same style. The subtitles help with clarity and scanning. The similarity in style adds to the unity of the media kit.

The next two sections are Rates and Frequency. The writing includes figures and facts, which contribute to concise writing. The last section, Influencing influencers, serves to close the deal. It is the most colorful page of the media kit. The contact information, repeated again from the second page, is at the bottom for a last minute reminder. The last writing calls out the reader to take the next step to find out more.

Overall, the media kit and its writing is concise and uses AP style, but it doesn’t lose the flair. Style Sample Magazine has a great media kit.


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