Mr. Optimism feature story review

Mr. Optimism is Allan Jamir, a man who serves many organizations. Mike Dauplaise wrote a feature story about him. He used wit and charm to draw in the reader. His quotes keep the story interesting and sincere.

The headline is typical for a feature story. The copy is short and follows the guidelines of being read in one sitting in five to 15 minutes.  It is inspired by news of Jamir as a community leader but it is not a news story. As a feature story, it illuminates his life as one lived now. The hook was a snappy teaser that created mystery and interest. The transition paragraph served to introduce the subject, Jamir, and explain the meaning for a feature story about him.

The body tells the story of his life and how he grew into the community leader he became. It keeps the reader’s attention by constantly introducing new facts. Dauplaise clearly finds Jamir interesting and he writes to keep the readers thinking so as well. The conclusion connects back with the hook in the form of a summary quote.

Dauplaise uses AP style as shown through his format of numbers and sentence structure. He exercises the proper rules for writing on the web with short sentences and short paragraphs. Overall, the feature story is a good example of proper feature writing and media writing in general.


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