Coca Cola advertisement review

The Coca Cola brand is recognized worldwide. The typeface of the logo, the colors of the brand and the shape of the bottle are each trademarked and recognized instantly. Coke advertisements must always reflect this classic and timeless image that the company has built.

One campaign introduced the slogan, “It’s the real thing.” The advertisements in the campaign focused on the bottle and the iconic logo, instead of the drink in a glass. The wording on the advertisement is small, making it image-driven with the large graphic of the Coke bottle. There is no visible headline but there is the obvious tagline, “It’s the real thing. Coke.”

The paragraph of copy is on the left side of the page but is right-aligned so it is difficult to read. It is also so small in comparison to the rest of the ad that it does not draw any attention. Most viewers would likely skip the ‘fine print.’ However, the copy does complement the picture nicely and creates positive feelings for the product.

The advertisement does not contain some key features but overall conveys the meaning well. The format of the writing is not perfect, but has correct style and accomplishes the perceived ad goal. The tagline is good, catchy and memorable as is suggested, and also helps to accomplish the ad goal. If I were a typical consumer, the ad would inspire feelings of pleasure and loyalty toward the product, exactly the way Coca Cola would want their consumers to feel.


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